Synopsis:  PSRI is partnering with University of Colorado and NREL on a DOE-sponsored project to improve the speed of Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations, with the intent of making simulations more useful to industrial researchers.  We would appreciate your input in helping us reach this goal and influence the direction of the research.

What sectors of industry does your company or organization mostly serve?*
How many employees in your company or organization?*

How many employees in your company or organization use traditional CFD or DEM modeling on a regular basis?

Does your company or organization see CFD/DEM modeling as one of your design or scale up tools? (Select all the apply)*
Please indicate which codes your company is currently using for process development and optimization (Check all that apply) Barracuda®*
Are any of the following criteria considered in your choice of code (Check all that apply)*
Are you modeling pure granular flows or fluid/solids flows?*
What is the current maximum particle count in your simulations*
Suggest the highest type/level of education/training would you be willing to expend to implement CFD/DEM tools within your organization, if any:*
At the current rate of enhancements with software and hardware, when does your company see the potential of DEM being value added?*

In order for a DEM model to be used more widely by your company or organization, where would improvements in existing codes add the most value?

Enhanced physical models*
If DEM models could provide value added solutions for your problems, how much would you be willing to spend on hardware assets for a single license?*
How long should your DEM model take to achieve a value-added solution?*

Extra Credit. We are seeking examples of ways in which DEM simulations could be useful to industrial users, if systems of 10E+8 particles could be simulated with a short turnaround time for small domain that can be later used in larger CFD simulations.  This information will be helpful in establishing our project priorities, and may be used as benchmarking and/or demonstration cases.

1) For example, is there a small portion of a larger system that could benefit from DEM simulations (e.g., gas injection port)? If so, explain.
1) Are you interested in a follow-up communication to get your company more engaged in the project – e.g., suggesting systems of interest to you that may be candidates for benchmarking a faster CFD-DEM code?