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Steve has recently retired from Venator (formerly Huntsman Tioxide) where he spent 31 years in various technical and operating roles, and since 2005 as Chloride Process Technical Expert. He is technically familiar with all the key unit operations associated with TiO2 manufacture, feedstock preparations and waste handling technologies via the Chloride Process.
Key technology interests include all aspects of the Chloride Process, in particular the fluid bed chlorination of titaniferous ores, cyclone design and performance, aerosol reactor design and operation and wet bead milling of pigments. 
Steve also managed company external research interests in the UK and overseas.


Ph.D. and B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Imperial College, London, 1980-1987
Chartered Chemical Engineer, and Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. 

Selected Publications

Macri, D., Sutcliffe, S., Lettieri, P., Defluidization Behaviour of Industrially Reactive Powders at High Temperature, World Congress on Particle Technology 2018.
Macri, D., Sutcliffe, S., Lettieri, P., et al, Analysis of Industrially Reactive Powder flow properties at High Temperature, Fluidisation XV, 2017.
Elliot, L., Sutcliffe, S., Hunter, T., et al, Characterisation of polyphosphate coated aluminium-doped titania nanoparticles during milling, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 548, 110-122, 2019
Lister V., Davidson, J.F., Sutcliffe, S., Wilson D.I., Management of acute particulate fouling in a titanium dioxide reactor system, Heat Transfer Engineering 38, 796-804, 2017 HTTSP://WWW.TANDFONLINE.COM/DOI/FULL/10.1080/01457632.2016.1206421

Boje, A, Ackroyd, J., Sutcliffe, S., Kraft, M., Detailed Population Balance Modelling of TiO2 Synthesis in an Industrial Reactor, Chemical Engineering Science 174, p219-231, 2017

Awards (with Venator, for the design and implantation of a new TiO2 fluid bed reactor)
I Chem E Project of the Year Award 2015
UK Chemical Industries Association, ABB Manufacturing and Resource Efficiency Award 2015


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