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PSRI has over 160 years of experience and over 225 reviewed publications in fluidization and particle technology

Phillip has a lengthy record of accomplishments in the fields of petroleum refining and petrochemicals encompassing both the practical and theoretical: chemical and mechanical engineering, business and operations, management and execution, training, technical service, process development as well operational and construction assistance in commercial FCC installations. He has been granted 17 U.S. Patents and authored numerous papers and publications for major industry conferences and trade journals. 

Following graduation with a Chemical Engineering Degree in 1980 from California State Polytechnic University, Phillip worked for Texaco. There he worked 4 years performing process design calculations and technical services for Texaco owned and licensed FCC units worldwide. This was followed by 5 years coordinating and development of FCCU technology, catalyst selection and operations in six Texaco U.S.A. refineries. 

Many times while working for Texaco and M.W. Kellogg, Phillip was as a PSRI Board Member or PSRI Technical Representative.

At M.W. Kellogg Co and KBR, beginning in 1989, he served for 12 years executing FCC Projects, Technology Development and Licensing, 8 years as FCC Chief Technology Engineer and 4 years as Director of FCC Technology. For a few years, he also served as  Process Engineering Manager on a variety of petroleum refining projects including two grassroots FCC Gasoline hydrotreater projects and a first of a-kind fluid catalytic biofuels facility.

More recently, Phillip served as FCC Technology Adviser at McDermott / Lummus in support of FCC projects and technology development and served as Senior Vice President of Process Engineering at KPE Engineering where he provided Operational Management and Technology Leadership of FCC engineering.