PSRI Consulting

PSRI has over 160 years of experience and over 225 reviewed publications in fluidization and particle technology

  • Feed stock preparation, handling, conveying, feeding, etc.
  • Developed technology specifications to fluidize binary Group D  and Group A solids
  • Conducted cold flow testing  to characterize the biomass feed zone in the fluidized bed and determined the RTD curves for biochar in the fluidized beds
  • Assisted in developing biomass feed distribution systems
  • Performed testing to develop technical specifications of cyclones for capturing binary solids containing biochar
  • Developed technological specification for granular bed filter for removing biochar fines
  • Designed nonmechanical valves for this application
  • Developed size reduction process flow for wheat straw material
  • Developed moisture control strategy for the drying of straw particles
  • Developed the procedure for removal of twine and breaking of wheat straw bales

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