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Karl Jacob has nearly four decades of particle technology experience across a wide variety of technologies and products.   He is the founder of the Solids Processing Lab at The Dow Chemical Company and was the leader of the group for 29 years until his retirement in 2018.   Karl has been active in teaching both particle technology and, more broadly, chemical engineering for the last 25 years.    Karl has particular expertise in solids flow, pneumatic conveying, drying and process/product design for particulate materials.   Karl is the section editor for the Solids Processing/Particle Technology section in the current (9th) edition of Perry’s Handbook of Chemical Engineering.


On Tuesday, Feburary 2nd 2021, Karl presented a Webinar about himself. Watch the replay. 


  • The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI (1982-2018)
    • Fellow for the Solids Processing Lab having worked on all manner of particulate processes and products.
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, (2015-present)
    • Department of Chemical Engineering Core Faculty– teach course in Solids Processing every fall semester; assist student groups in senior process design
  • Kansas State University, Bulk Solids Innovation Center, Salina, KS (2015-present)
    • Karl has taught post-graduate courses to industrial participants in solids flow and pneumatic conveying.
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers, New York (2018-present)
    • With my wife, we teach the popular “Chemical Engineering for non-Chemical Engineers” 3-4 times per year in various locations across the US.  
    • For 2020, the class is now taught virtually due to Covid-19.
  • University of Akron, Akron, OH (1996-present)
    • Developed (with George Chase) and taught undergraduate/graduate course in solids processing


B.S.  Chemical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 1981


  • 2015 – AIChE – Lawrence B. Evans Award in Chemical Engineering Practice
    • Institute level award recognizing contributions to the practice of chemical engineering
  • 2014 – AIChE Particle Technology Forum Award for lifetime achievement in particle technology
  • 2011 - Elected to the grade of Fellow for American Institute of Chemical Engineers


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