• Consulting Talent

    Consulting Talent

    PSRI has over 300 years of cumulative experience in particle technology with the best experts in the world.

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  • Fines (dp

    Fines (dp<44 microns)

    PSRI understands how fines move through a fluidized bed and the gas it drags with it. Fines management can be critical in optimizing reactor productivity and standpipe pressure build.
  • Gas Distribution

    Gas Distribution

    It’s more than a good grid design. Bed hydrodynamics and particle properties have to be a consideration to mitigate gas bypassing.
  • Managing Backmixing

    Managing Backmixing

    For some chemistries, backmixing can be detrimental to product quality. PSRI knows how to manage and design around backmixing issues
  • Knowing Entrainment

    Knowing Entrainment

    PSRI understands how particles cluster and how that clustering can affect your cyclone performance.
  • Multiphase Injects

    Multiphase Injects

    PSRI knows how and where to inject gas, liquid and, solids into your fluidized bed.
  • Stripper Performance

    Stripper Performance

    PSRI has study the path to flooding in commercial sized strippers and how to mitigate such flooding.
  • Cyclone Reliability

    Cyclone Reliability

    Experimental and math modeling research at PSRI has shown how the vortex stabilizer in the cone region of a cyclone can significantly reduce cone erosion. Other merits were found as well.
  • TAC Annual Meeting

    TAC Annual Meeting

    We invite all employees of PSRI Member Companies to our Annual Technical Advisory Committee Meeting. This year the meeting will be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA at the W Lakeshore Chicago Hotel. This is the 54th meeting of the TAC meeting. We look forward to seeing you in June. Read More
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PSRI has over 160 years of experience and over 225 reviewed publications in fluidization and particle technology.

PSRI works with hundreds of clients from all over the world in such industries as petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, power and energy, mining, food processing, and semiconductors. Chances are we have already seen your problem and know how to drive your success.

We don’t stop at solution space. We believe that training is an important part of maintaining success. Thus, PSRI offers intensive fluidization seminars all over the world, provides design manuals, procedures, methods, and webinars. PSRI believes that giving someone a fish is not as good as teaching someone how to fish.
PSRI has state of the art facilities to do research on an industrial scale. As a result, PSRI’s research is relevant to your problems and your bottom line. That is because wall effects matter, pressure effects matter, and temperature effects matter. With PSRI’s research, the data is relevant and applicable.

Particulate Solid Research Inc. (PSRI) is an international consortium of companies focused on the advancement of technology in the multiphase flows with granular and granular-fluid systems. Since 1971, PSRI has amassed a prolific amount of design data, technology, know-how, design criteria and models on all aspects of slurries, liquid injection, fluidization, entrainment, pneumatic conveying, attrition, erosion, distributor design, standpipes, solids transfer, and circulating fluidized beds.  From the data produced, PSRI has developed design correlations, models, procedures, methods and techniques which are among the best and most useful in the field.

We help industries all over the world including but not limited to
Power and Energy
Food processing
We have expertise in operations involving particle technology including
Coal and biomass gasification
Oxychlorination & RCl Oxidation
Polycrystalline Silicon
Ore purification and oxidation
Chemical looping
Coupling and dehydrogenation
We specialize in all aspects of particle technology including
Cyclone design and operation
Gas distributor design and operation
Entrainment and elutriation
Multiphase fluidization and circulation
Multiphase injection and distribution
Equipment erosion
Particle attrition
Particle classification
Particle coating and treatments
Pneumatic conveying
Standpipe design and operation
Solids transfer and feeding


PSRI technology base is available to all members.  No royalties, restrictions or limits.  Its their technology and their’s to use.