PSRI Consulting

PSRI has over 160 years of experience and over 225 reviewed publications in fluidization and particle technology

  • Developed new reactor designs and new conical reactor distributors for a client
  • Designed and developed L-valve feeding systems for TiO2 ores and coke for two PSRI member companies
  • Designed a Restricted Pipe Discharge System (RPDS) to continuously discharge solids from a chlorinator bed to prevent excessive buildup of impurities
  • Determined minimum gas velocities to prevent segregation of ore and char were for plant turndowns
  • Demonstrated distributor design to minimize refractory erosion
  • Designed spargers, grid plates and heat transfer tubes ethylene chlorination
  • Minimize catalyst attrition with redesign of nozzles, spargers and cyclones
  • Reduced cyclone and dipleg erosion with new cyclone design
  • Assisted in the design of a novel direct ethane chlorination process
  • Developed in-situ probe for quantification of bed hydrodynamics in chlorination unit
  • Troubleshoot refractory issues in oxychlorination units

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