PSRI:  Scale Matters

Non Compromising Expertise Networking Successes

For PSRI research, the results dictate the size of the equipment, rather than the equipment dictating the results.  That is why PSRI has

  • CFB risers (7) with diameters up to 0.9 meters and heights up to 28 meters
  • Fluidized beds (9) with diameters up to 2.2 meters and heights up to 6 meters
  • Cyclones up to 0.6 meters in barrel diameter
  • Slurry columns
  • Conveying lines
  • Feeders
  • Etc.

Our expertise stems from

  • Past experience in industry,
  • Solving our members’ challenges,
  • Providing leadership to the technical community,
  • Teaching what we learned, and
  • Access to our facility with large-scale equipment.

Sometimes it's knowing who to go to that can turn a challenge into a success.  PSRI has a membership base of more than 35 companies, most of which are in the Fortune 500.  PSRI provides the conduit for engineers to learn, interact and lead technology in fluidization with colleagues from all over the world in fields ranging from processing, research, materials and engineering.

PSRI’s success, and our members' success, stems from the tight integration of 

  • relevant and vetted research,
  • freely accessible technology,
  • growing expertise, and 
  • global networking base.
  • If we can’t do it, we certainly can tell you who can.

PSRI Success Stories

If it does not mimic industrial applications, it's not relevant research