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Dr. Ye-Mon Chen has over 38 years of combined academia and industry career, including extensive experience in FCC technology and licensing business at Shell. He is the recipient of the AIChE Dow Fluidization Process Recognition and the AIChE PSRI Lectureship Awards, among other recognitions.  He was recognized as one of the top inventors in the history of Shell Houston Technology Center.  He was the technology manager and licensing manager for a new biofuel process.



Tech. manager & License Tech. Manager, Shell  2011-2020

  • Led the team from inception of a new bio-fuel technology to completion in 2.5 year.
  • Leading, as License manager, for deploying new bio-fuel technology with 3 partners.
  • Led the design of complex, multiphase reactor systems for new chemical/bio processes.

 FCC Tech. Manager and Licensing Tech. Manager, Shell   2002 - 2011     

  • Managed FCC technology for 9 Shell FCC units in US, Canada and South America.
  • Built a successful licensing business for Shell FCC tech. from ground zero up
  • Managed 10 successful major projects of FCC revamps for Shell and 7 licensees.
  • Led a JV team to solve a FCC cyclone failure problem, which plagued the industry.

R&D Engineer/Team Leader, Shell  1989 - 2002     

  • Led a R&D team, developed and implemented Shell’s new FCC technologies, e.g., high performance feed nozzle, catalyst circulation improvement, & stripper cyclones.
  • Led a JV team to implement MTBE Fluid Bed reactor system revamp, turned a failing process unit to a success, recognized by the Innovation for Applied Catalysis Award.
  • Led successful reactor system designs for Shell’s new BAP4 and PDO processes
  • Recognition as top 15 all-time inventors in history of Shell Center  Houston.


  • Ph. D. of Chemical Engineering
    • University of Houston   1983
  • M.  S. of Chemical Engineering
    • National Taiwan University   1979
  • B.   S. of Chemical Engineering
    • National Taiwan University   1976 


  • American Inst. of Chem. Eng. Fluidization Progress Recognition Award (2007)
  • American Inst. of Chem. Eng. Fluidization Lectureship Award (2004)
  • of Chem. Eng., UK, Innovation for Applied Catalysis Award (2003).
  • Gold Medal Best Engineer Thesis Award, Inst. of Taiwan Engs, (1980), the first time ever that a Master thesis was selected as the winner from all engineer MS/PhD theses.               
  • Keynote speaker in 10th Conf. of Circulation Fluid Bed in USA (2011)
  • Keynote speaker in Particulate Solids Research Inst. annual meeting (2007)
  • Keynote speaker in 8th Conf. of Circulation Fluid Bed in China (2005)
  • Keynote speaker in Area 3B, in 2004 AIChE Annual Meeting
  • FCC Speaker in America Fuel & Petrochem. Manuf. (AFPM) meetings (2002-2010)
  • Author of Fluid Cat. Cracking (FCC) in Handbook of Fluidization (2003)
  • Chair of AIChE Group 3B, Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Systems, 1998-1999
  • Editor of 1997/1998/1999 AIChE Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Symposium series


Selected Journal Publications

  • Chen, “Recent Advances in FCC Technology”, Powder Tech., 163 (2006) 2-8.
  • Chen, “FCC Technology, Recent Advances and new challenges”, Business Refining: Oil & Gas Process Review, 19-22 (2006)
  • Chen, “Fluid Catalytic Cracking”, Book chapter in Handbook for fluidization and fluid-particle systems, Ed. By Wen-Ching Yang, 2003.
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  • M. Lu and Y. Chen, “A study on direct contact condensation of a droplet falling through a saturated vapor atmosphere”, J. Chinese Inst. Of Engineers, 3, 95 (1980)

Selective Conference Publications

  • Chen, et al, “Keeping FCC units on track, winning the operation race with an innovative cyclone technology”, 2010 NPRA meeting
  • Chen, M. Nieskens and K.T. Wu, “A Cost-Effective Solution for Reducing FCC NOx Emission”, 2009 NPRA meeting
  • Chen and D. Brosten “A New Technology for Reducing NOX Emission from FCC Regenerators”, 2008 NPRA meeting
  • Chen and M. Richardson “Suncor FCC revamp, a win-win for the environment and FCC operation”, 2007 NPRA meeting
  • Chen et al, “Shell Third Stage Separator Technology: Evolution and Recent Advances in Third Stage Separator Technology for Applications in the FCC Process” 2006 NPRA meeting.
  • Chen et al, “Stripper Technology - How to get more Profits from FCC Units” 2005 NPRA meeting,
  • Chen, “Catalyst Circulation Enhancement Technology Provides New Opportunity for De-bottlenecking FCC Unit” 2004 NPRA meeting,
  • Chen et al., “FCC Technology – The keys to unit profitability and reliability” 2003 NPRA meeting,
  • Chen, “FCC cyclone reliability” 2002 NPRA meeting, Houston

Selected Patents

  • Chen et al, " process for the conversion of lower alkanes to aromatic hydrocarbons", U.S. Patent 8766026, July 1, 2014
  • Chen et al, " A Gas-Solids Separator", U.S. Patent 8287613, October 16, 2012.
  • Chen et al, " A Process And Apparatus For The Regeneration Of Spent FCC Catalyst", U.S. Patent 7655589, February 2, 2010.
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  • Chen “Feed Nozzle Assembly”, U.S. Patent 2005/0109861, May 26, 2005
  • Chen “Standpipe Inlet for Enhancing Particulate Solids Circulation for Petrochemical and other processes” U. S. Patent 6,827,908, December 7, 2004
  • Chen, “Spent Catalyst distributor for Catalytic Cracking Process “ US patent 6,797,239, 2004
  • Chen et al. “ Feed Injection System for Catalytic Cracking Process “, US 6,736,960, May 18, 2004
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  • Chen, Robert L. Blackbourn, Sivakumar S. Vijayakumari, Paul R. Weider, Carolina Botella Franco, Yi Liang, Daniel Gagne and Ashley V. Baugh,  “production of ethanol and enhanced co-products using co-products as feedstock” Filed for US patent (2018)

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