Reddy has 35 years experience at PSRI and is a world-renowned expert in particle technology and fluid-particle systems such as fluidized beds, circulating fluidized beds, cyclones, diplegs, standpipes, risers, nonmechanical valves, pneumatic conveying, solids feeding and discharge systems.

PSRI’s small-to-large-scale cold flow units were built under his leadership, which enhanced the capability of membership research in terms of scale.  Several major discoveries were made under his tutelage. He has extensive experience working on FCC technology, fluid cokers, polyolefins, methanol-to-olefins, maleic anhydride, acrylonitrile, TiO2, polycrystalline silicon, coal and biomass gasification, CO2 capture, biomass and plastic pyrolysis, oxychlorinators, radioactive materials, and others. 

Reddy has written hundreds of internal reports in the area of fluid-particle systems and developed most of the tools available to the PSRI membership. He has been teaching PSRI’s technical seminars to over 8000 industrial engineers from all over the world for the last 33 years. He has over 70 external publications and was awarded the prestigious AIChE Particle Technology Forum (Dow) Fluidization Processing Award.

Reddy has played a key role in the design of pilot-plants, PDUs, large-scale cold flow units in scaling-up several processes. Reddy and the consulting team are currently playing key roles in helping member companies develop more than ten emerging technologies, making a paradigm shift in the energy sector:

  • Hydrogen production via chemical looping, pyrolysis of natural gas, dehydrogenation of methane,
  • Production of solar grade polysilicon using fluidized bed reactors,
  • Dehydrogenation of propane and ethane,
  • CO2capture from atmospheric air and flue gases for sequestration,
  • Biomass pyrolysis using heat carrying inert particles or catalyst particles,
  • Biomass gasification,
  • Plastic pyrolysis using catalyst particles,
  • Decarbonization of the conventional travel with fossil fuels,
  • Graphene production for battery electrode materials and composites, and
  • Carbon capture technologies.