Ryan Ellis is a highly skilled and accomplished Chief Technician with a wealth of experience in managing technical teams and overseeing crucial operations. Joining PSRI in 2004, Ryan has consistently demonstrated his expertise and dedication in his role.

As Chief Technician, Ryan is responsible for leading a team of technicians who possess specialized skill sets. His exceptional coordination skills allow him to efficiently assign resources based on project demands, ensuring smooth workflow and optimal productivity. Furthermore, Ryan excels in procurement, strategically acquiring parts, tools, and other essential resources to support the organization's operations.

Recognizing the importance of equipment maintenance, Ryan plays a pivotal role in facilitating scheduled maintenance and repairs on vital equipment at PSRI. He meticulously conducts safety pre-start-up inspections on testing units, ensuring adherence to safety protocols and minimizing potential risks. Ryan actively contributes to the design and implementation of safety programs, emphasizing the well-being of both personnel and equipment.

Ryan's educational background further enhances his technical expertise. In 2004, he obtained an Associates Degree from Moraine Valley, establishing a solid foundation for his career. In 2018, he became a Certified Electrical Technician from the same institution, showcasing his commitment to professional growth. Additionally, Ryan holds an Arc Flash certification, demonstrating his competency in handling electrical hazards.

Ryan's ingenuity and innovation are evident in his notable achievements. He successfully designed and developed a novel method for manufacturing bubble and fluorescent probes, showcasing his ability to drive advancements in research and development.

With his comprehensive technical knowledge, exceptional leadership skills, and dedication to safety and innovation, Ryan Ellis is an invaluable asset as the Chief Technician at PSRI, contributing significantly to the institute's continued success.