Meet Matt, a skilled professional with a passion for technology and organization. Having joined PSRI in 2014, Matt serves as a Systems Administrator and Corporate Event Planner, making valuable contributions to the company's operations.

As a Systems Administrator, Matt takes charge of PSRI's IT needs, encompassing networking, computer maintenance, software development, and more. He excels in data acquisition, system design, layout, and configuration, showcasing expertise in PLC programming and automation design.

In his role as Corporate Event Planner, Matt plays a pivotal role in organizing key PSRI events such as the Fluidization Seminar and the Technical Advisory Committee Meeting. With meticulous attention to detail and strong logistical skills, he ensures the smooth execution of these important gatherings.

Graduating with a degree in computer science in 2006, Matt possesses a solid academic background, providing him with a strong foundation in the field. His commitment to professional growth and expertise makes him a valuable asset to PSRI.

With a focus on delivering exceptional results in his professional endeavors, Matt is dedicated to optimizing PSRI's IT infrastructure and coordinating successful corporate events. He is driven by a desire to excel and contribute to the success of the company.