Allan Issangya is a Project Leader at PSRI. Allan joined PSRI as a research engineer in 1999 after completing his PhD and post-doctoral work in Chemical Engineering at the University of British Columbia under the supervision of the late Prof John Grace.  Allan has worked on several PSRI members research programs including bubbling and turbulent fluidized beds, verification of scaling laws, fluidized bed internals, gas bypassing in fluidized beds, and fluidized bed stripping. Allan has carried out PSRI contract projects on high flux FCC risers, FCC stripper internals, loopseals, polyethylene reactors hydrodynamics, gas distributor evaluations, biomass gasification and pyrolysis, gasifier granular filters, MTO reactor hydrodynamics, plastics recycle, etc. Allan obtained his MSc from Leeds University, UK following that with internships on vacuum cooling and mechanical vapor recompression at Tweedy of Burnley Ltd, UK, and on fabric filtration at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Allan has published widely, has been a PhD external examiner and is a reviewer of ten Chemical Engineering journals. Allan was also involved in setting up the PSRI-NETL challenge problem.