Dr. Chew has over 8 years of experience in particle technology, membrane-based separations, and machine learning and has over 200 publications.  Dr. Chew brings PSRI world-class technical expertise and skills in:

Mechanistic understanding of membrane fouling and mitigation

Because membrane fouling remains the Achilles’ heel of membrane-based filtration, studies related to improving understandings of the fouling behavior and correspondingly advancing means of fouling mitigation are widespread. This presentation overviews some research efforts on enhancing mechanistic understandings on the deposition and mitigation of particulate foulants in microfiltration processes.

Application of Machine Leaning Tools to Understand Fluidization Phenomena

As big-data tools become increasingly popular, the employment of machine learning tools to advance the understanding of various fluidization phenomena was explored. The key goal was to provide mechanistic insights on various fluidization phenomena, as well as assess the predictive capability of such trained models that do not require any mechanistic understanding. Snippets of notable findings will be shared.

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