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PSRI has over 160 years of experience and over 225 reviewed publications in fluidization and particle technology


Technical Director, Particulate Solid Research Inc., Chicago, IL — 2017 to 2020

Develop and manage PSRI membership and contract research along with maintaining and expanding PSRI state of the art research facilities.

Research Scientist, Dow Chemical, Midland, MI — 2010 to 2017

Plant support and technology lead with general solids processing issues including bin design, fluidized beds, pneumatic conveying, mixing and blending, segregating systems, size reduction, etc. Technology development for predicting and managing catalyst deactivation due to preferential attrition in circulating fluidized bed systems. Developed and implemented reactor models Dow developed circulating fluidized bed technology.


Graduate Research Assistant, Purdue University — 2006 to 2010

A Compartmental Approach to Studying Particle Motion in Mixers Using DEM


  • Purdue University — PhD in Mechanical Engineering, 2010
  • Purdue University — MS in Mechanical Engineering, 2008
  • Milwaukee School of Engineering— BS in Mechanical Engineering, 2006


  • AIChE 35 under 35 Award, 2017
  • Dow Core R&D Young Researcher Award, 2015
  • IFPRI Poster Award, 2009
  • William K and Gail E. Cordier Fellowship Award, 2006, 2007 Committees


  • Mathematica, DEM, Whiteboard


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