Christof Dee joined Particulate Solid Research, Inc. in late June of 2022 as a Development Engineer. At PSRI, Christof has performed experiments to characterize the performance of various circulating, fluidized bed systems. These experiments include fluidized bed hydrodynamic tests, solids flux calculations in risers, bubble property tests, gas dispersion efficiency in strippers, solids dispersion tests, and residence time distribution analysis. Additionally, he has also set up and troubleshooted these units with respect to pressure readings, operating conditions, entrainment calculations, tracer sensors, and data acquisition.

Prior to joining PSRI, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at The Ohio State University with a minor in Computer Information Sciences in 2021. During his time at OSU, he was a part of the university’s American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE) chapter where he has helped organize professional development workshops and career fair events. He also helped establish the unofficial Omega Chi Epsilon OSU chapter where he took part in philanthropic events and organized research panels. In 2019, Christof interned at Hexion Inc. where he coded VBA macros to organize the company’s materials and Safety Data Sheets. The same year, Christof was introduced to particle technology as an undergraduate from Dr. L.S. Fan’s research lab at OSU where he modeled a chemical looping system in ASPEN